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We help companies double the ROI they're achieving from crowdsourcing the ideas of employees, customers, and partners while cutting the time it takes to manage ideas in half.

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Ideate and Collaborate
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Finally, Idea Management Software that Adds Colossal Value to Your Bottom Line

An easy to use, highly configurable idea management platform that makes it easy to capture, evaluate, and take action on ideas from those who know the most about your organization.

Capture Ideas & Insights

Collect ideas around targeted topics from your team or entire organization.

Collaborate & Refine

Collaborate in real time and collect data needed to assess ROI.

Evaluate & Prioritize

Assign stakeholders to rank solutions based on custom criteria.

Implement & Measure

Assign teams to make ideas happen and measure impact on implemented ideas.

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Unlock Your Ability to Foster a Culture of Innovation and Collaboration at Scale

Seamlessly collect targeted ideas from your team, customers, or the entire world.


Break down entrenched silos and enable global collaboration by allowing participants to comment on ideas, automatically surface the best entries using multiple types of voting, and collaborate in real time.

Return on Investment Guarantee

Ideate and Collaborate

Achieve Astonishing Participation Rates Over Microsoft Forms, Teams, or Spreadsheets

Our average customer sees shocking participation rates between 50% - 80% vs. the lame 5% - 15% participation you'll get with solutions you already have in house.


With features like prizes, leaderboards, and gamification, Ideawake enables you to achieve engagement rates that you didn't think were possible.

Return on Investment Guarantee

Actionable Insights and Analytics

Understand your organizations current pipeline health, activity, and impact in under 30 seconds.


Reveal gaps in your innovation or improvement programs performance that you'd have to spend hours crunching numbers to uncover in other tools.


Quickly track engagement, activity, and outcomes with customizable dashboards and the ability to create your own KPI's.

Return on Investment Guarantee

Analytics on Employee Ideation Programs


Designed to Save Time and Maximize Impact

Workflows and Stages

Customize the steps and approvals ideas go through from collection to implementation.

Duplicate Idea Detection

Automatically detect similar ideas while users submit them to avoid duplicates.

Anonmymous Posting

Optionally allow users to submit ideas, comments, and content anonymously.

Powered by AI

Leverage our AI to come up with better ideas and to help employees build out better business cases.

Challenges to Target Feedback

Capture targeted feedback around specific topics related to organizational goals.

Annoucements and Notifications

Automatically notify submitters and relevant stakeholders on updates and progress. 

Ideawake's Rock Solid Return on Investment Guarantee

In the unlikely even you are not absolutely satisfied with the return on investment that you're receiving from Ideawake after 90 days, you can simply walk away and it won't cost you another cent - no questions asked.


Integrate with the Tools You Already Use Like Teams, JIRA, and Slack


Incentivize Participation with Gamification, Points, and Leaderboards


Access Ideawake By Desktop, Smart Phone, or Tablet.


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  • $1,000,000 Average Six Month Financial Impact
  • 50% - 80% Average Participation Rate
  • 10% Increase in Average Engagement Scores
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