3 Crowdsourcing Success Stories That Prove the Value of Ideas

We’ve said it once—maybe more than once—but we’ll say it again: Great ideas often come from unexpected places. It’s a narrative we’re all familiar with. Corporate wants to introduce a new product or service, but the pool of viable ideas is shallow. In comes an employee, perhaps from a department other than R&D, and presents a winning idea. Management is ecstatic, but it’s also kicking itself for not thinking of

Carter Liebscher|
September 16, 2019
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4 Workplace Innovation Trends Predicted for 2020

group of young colleagues using laptop at office

In our last blog, we explained how developing an internal innovation program is the number-one way for health care providers to address disruption. By establishing clear innovation goals and promoting them throughout the company, businesses will see their stagnant company culture morph into a more active culture of innovation. This process can and should be applied by any company in any industry wanting to survive and thrive in their respective

Carter Liebscher|
August 6, 2019
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3 Steps to Develop an Innovation Program for Health Care

laptop with health care documents

In our last blog, we listed and discussed four various ways to address the digital disruption that’s shaking up the health care industry, and predicted how well health care providers would succeed with each method. Ultimately, we identified developing a dedicated internal innovation program was the most effective way to address disruption in health care. Given that we help clients develop innovation programs like this, it isn’t exactly a surprise

Carroll Elger|
July 16, 2019
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