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Fueling Workforce Engagement and Innovation

We’re a Milwaukee-based firm partnering with brands to accelerate software-based innovation inside and outside of organizational boundaries.

Our Team

Meet the rockstar team that makes Ideawake happen.

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Our Vision

At Ideawake, we believe in a world where customers actually drive the development of the products they consume. A world where employees don’t just execute corporate strategy, but become an integral part in shaping it. They don’t just come to their nine-to-five for a paycheck, but come to work energized every day because they feel like their job is contributing to something greater than themselves.

What We Do

Ideawake helps brands overcome the engagement gap by crafting unique plans combined with software to connect with those most important to their business. Our solutions empower employees, boost engagement and accelerate the process of collecting and implementing new ideas from inside and outside of organizational boundaries. Get Started Today

Now more than ever, companies are seeking ways to involve suppliers, employees and customers more deeply in strategic planning and innovation. The problem is that great ideas and valuable knowledge are trapped inside these stakeholders minds, making them difficult to collect, analyze and put into action.

Although increasing engagement is at the top of executive management’s goals, the statistics make it clear that the majority of companies have not yet overcome the challenge of engaging and empowering their employees. According to Gallup’s 2013 “State of the Global Workplace” study, only 30% of employees are engaged, 52% are disengaged, and 18% are “actively disengaged.”

Idea Management Software that Transforms Ideas into Growth

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