Never Miss a Great Idea Again

Tap into employee intelligence to identify the top 5% of ideas that drive 95% of new business results.

Idea Management, Simplified.

Idea management software to collect, evaluate and implement new ideas from employees, customers and partners. Product overview

  • 1 Create and Invite

    Create a call for ideas with a few simple clicks. Invite thousands of employees, suppliers or customers to post ideas.

  • 2 Collect and Evaluate

    Invited participants submit ideas. Rank entries, provide feedback to posted solutions and collaborate with participants in real time.

  • 3 Prioritize and Implement

    Further refine and assign dollar values to the best ideas. Award winning ideas with cash or non-monetary prizes.

Gartner, Inc.

By 2017, over half of consumer brands will achieve 75% of their innovation from crowdsourced solutions.

Go Outside Organizational Boundaries

Unleash the ideas, inspiration and impact of the people who matter most to your business.

  • Employees

    They are closest to customers and have great ideas, just no outlet to get them to management. Use Ideawake to get ideas to decision makers and boost employee morale.

  • Customers

    Doesn’t it make sense that the people who consume your product should have a voice in shaping it? Adopt a co-creation strategy to increase customer engagement and retention.

  • Suppliers

    Online collaboration among and between suppliers can help increase supply chain efficiency, resulting in cost savings throughout the value chain.

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