Firstsource Case Study

Tapping Into the Wisdom of Frontline Team Members to Create New Solutions and Deliver Value More Efficiently

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Industry - Business Process Management (BPM) 

Company Size - 27,000+

Use Cases - Continuous Improvement









The Challenge

Firstsource is a global leader in business process management solutions. Their operations span the globe, with offices in India, the United States, and the United Kingdom. For the last several years, Firstsource has focused of fostering a culture of innovation within their organization to deliver novel solutions to customers in the most efficient way possible while empowering frontline team members, regardless of their role or title.


Before Ideawake, they had been leveraging an internally developed platform for collecting, managing, and implementing ideas from frontline staff. But, as their program continued to mature, they found that the lack of automation and the inability to do challenges targeted at specific areas of the business was preventing them from scaling their program and allowing it to achieve its full potential.

The Solution

The shortcomings of Firstsource’s current platform for managing ideas resulted in the organization making the change over to Ideawake. Ideawake worked closely with The Firstsource Team to map their existing processes to Ideawake’s workflows and automate many of the manual tasks that they had to do in their legacy platform.


Firstsource found a lot of value from Ideawake’s real time chat, mentions, and automated reminders to foster better collaboration between employees across multiple locations and states. They also took advantage of Ideawake’s prize system, which enabled them to actively promote incentives for participating in their idea hackathons.

"The partnership with Ideawake has been a great value add to Firstsource’s Ideasource program. The ability to automate manual tasks and the platforms built-in tools has enabled Firstsource to scale its program to more departments and drive more ROI from the program than was possible with our legacy solution.”

Sanjay Dey, Global Corporate Leader - Business & Digital Transformation

The Results

Since going live with Ideawake, Firstsource has launched 12 challenges spanning a variety of topics including improving customer experience, becoming more efficient, and coming up with new ways to best leverage the emerging AI trend. To date, their program has produced over $2,200,000 in value from 52 implemented ideas. Now that an innovation culture has been built into the core of Firstsource, they plan to continue doubling down on idea hackathons and challenges in 2024 and beyond.

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