Kennedys launches worldwide Ideas Lab to invent products to deliver modern legal services to clients.

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Industry - Commerical Law

Company Size - 2,000+

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The Problem

Kennedys is a leader in the legal innovation space, winning several awards in 2018 for their innovative products including KLAiM, a virtual defense lawyer, helping you use ‘real-world’ lawyers only when you really need one.


With the disruption in the legal industry, Kennedys knew the importance of delivering new business models and modern legal services to its clients. They wanted a way to empower their over 2,000 employees across several continents with a voice, regardless of their job role or title to help deliver innovative new products to clients and transform their own business model.

"The thinking behind the Ideas Lab is designed to keep us at the forefront of innovation and entrepreneurialism."

Richard West, Head of Innovation, Kennedys

The Solution

The Kennedys Ideas Lab, powered by Ideawake went live in July of 2017 to crowdsource, evaluate and surface ideas around creating future products and delivering modern legal services to clients via technology. Ideawake worked closely with the Kennedys Research & Development team in creating custom marketing and communications plan, including online and offline marketing materials, conducted a live kickoff webinar when the Ideas Lab went live, and provided weekly coaching during the early stages of the Ideas Lab to maximize engagement and increase the quality of ideas being submitted.

"We are aware that now more than ever clients are facing increased pressure on both their time and their budgets, by finding solutions to streamline the delivery of legal services we can help to address both of these."

Richard West, Head of Innovation, Kennedys

The Results

During the first round of the Ideas Lab, over 100 ideas were submitted from 811 employees. Through the review process, they narrowed those proposals down to 6 projects that have received the green light for prototyping and development, with the original idea submitters driving the development of these new products, which they have the opportunity to develop and become CEO’s of their own startups if the innovations make it past the prototype phase to full commercialization.

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