Nerolac Case Study

Tapping Into the Wisdom of Frontline Team Members at Scale While Managing the Entire Innovation Lifecycle from One Platform

Nerolac paint
Kansai Paint

Industry - industrial, automotive and powder coating business

Company Size - 3,300

Use Cases - Continuous Improvement











The Challenge

Kansai Nerolac Paints is the largest industrial paint and the third largest decorative paint company in India. They realized that they had creative and innovative staff throughout the country, but leadership team didn’t feel that they had an effective mechanism to tap into the ideas of their over 2,000 frontline employees.


Although the organization had subscriptions to existing tools like Microsoft Forms and Teams, with the number of ideas they anticipated receiving they felt that these existing in-house tools would not allow them to effectively intake, evaluate, prioritize, and most importantly communicate progress to frontline team members.

The Solution

Ideawake partnered with Nerolac to help manage the entire innovation lifecycle from initial collection of ideas through evaluation, implementation, and measuring impact over time.


Nerolac found a lot of value from Ideawake’s real time chat, mentions, and automated reminders to foster better collaboration between employees across multiple locations and states.


Once the initial submission period was completed for their first set of challenges, they used Ideawake’s custom scorecards to rank ideas and were able to assign several review groups to evaluate thousands of submissions and track progress in one place. After selecting winning submissions, they assigned teams in Ideawake to make them happen and are continuing to implement and track projected impact on those ideas from one central platform.

“It has been a pleasure working with the Ideawake Team. They have been very responsive to our needs and worked closely with us to make sure that the platform was ready to go for launch in a short timeline.
The platform is easy to use for both our frontline team members sharing ideas as well as for our evaluators who are reviewing and making decisions on which ideas to proceed with. The tool has helped us achieve our goal of fostering an innovation culture inside of Nerolac.”

Vivek Vijan -Business Transformation Manager at Kansai Nerolac

The Results

Since going live with Ideawake, Nerolac has launched 20 challenges spanning a variety of topics including new ways to stop dealer attrition, improving conversion rates in their next generation of services, and ideas to improve process efficiency. To date, their program has produced over 1,378 ideas with 10 ideas short listed.

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