Prosegur engages over 100,000 front-line employees to make the world a safer place.

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Industry - Security

Company Size - 160,000

Use Cases - Continuous Improvement











The Challenge

Prosegur is a global leader in security technology and services who has a mission of making
the world a safer place. They wanted to run a global innovation challenge to engage their
160,000 employees across 26 countries who spoke over 6 different languages. They had
run innovation challenges in the past that focused externally, but they wanted to improve
cross-functional collaboration across the organization and allow those who spoke different
languages to collaborate with each other. Additionally, they needed a fun and engaging
way to take in thousands of ideas and be able to quickly route, evaluate, and prioritize
them down to a handful of solutions that would move forward to their internal accelerator

“We decided to work with Ideawake because of the platform's ease of use, customer support, and guidance from Ideawake’s team for the launch of the program. The platform works just as well for internal ideation and for external open innovation programs.”

Juan Girón, Open Innovation Coordinator

The Solution & Results

Prosegur partnered with Ideawake to engage its entire organization. Each business unit
was able to run their own innovation challenge and custom process they were able to customize to capture, shortlist, and evaluate ideas. Ideawake helped with every facet of setup and platform configuration to put Prosegur in the best position to maximize engagement and foster new and innovative ideas. Here are some of Prosegur’s favorite features that they were able to take full advantage of with Ideawake:

Gamification: Creating a highly engaging experience with points, prizes, and a community leaderboard.

Real Time Chat: Collaborating with
participants on posted ideas in real-time to iterate and improve them quickly.

Multi-Language Translation: Translating ideas, comments, and content into a visitor's native language in real-time.

Workflows & Stages: Full control over the steps ideas go through to be further refined, evaluated, and prioritized.

Crowd Voting: Using the wisdom of front-line employees to automatically surface the best ideas.

Custom Scorecards: Being able to create scorecards with custom criteria and assign specific members to evaluate.

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