Regione Toscana

How a Health Authority Optimized Care, Impacting 3.7 Million Lives

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Industry - Healthcare

Company Size - 5,000

Use Cases - Continuous Improvement











Who is Regione Toscana?

Regione Toscana represents the health authority in the Tuscany Region of Italy. They are responsible for over 3.7 million lives and employ over 10,000 people.

The Challenge

The hospital administration of Regione Toscana was looking for ways to enable collaboration with a focus on engaging doctors, but also their 10,000+ staff across the region to improve collaboration, foster an innovation culture, optimize operations, and create the care model of the future.


In addition to this, with the advent of COVID19, they were looking for a way to tap into the collective wisdom of their staff to plan vaccine operations/storage, rapidly respond to challenges in vaccine distribution, and maximize the number of lives they could save.

The Solution & Results

Here are just a few of the ways that Regione Toscana leveraged Ideawake to improve collaboration, respond more quickly to the COVID19 pandemic, and engage their employees across the Tuscany region.

  • Plan and optimize vaccination distribution, storage, by tapping into the knowledge of their staff
  • Improving communication to the community about the vaccination world
  • Improving the process for vaccine distribution to maximize the volume of patients they could safely handle
  • Improving processes in general
  • Imagining what the future of medicine could look like, and how they could improve medical education in order to support the future of medicine in Italy and beyond
  • How to maximize the percentage of people that would get vaccinated in their region
  • Improving Care continuity

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