Corporate Accelerator Programs

The Worlds First Accelerator as a Service

Corporate Accelerator Programs

An end-to-end solution to transform employees into innovators and their ideas into measurable impact.

  • Idea Management Platform

  • 4 – 12 Week Accelerator Programs

  • Testing & Prototyping Partners

  • Sara Jane Vomhof

    Six Sigma Black Belt – Quest Diagnostics

“Ideawake helps ExamOne create a centralized location to collect, evaluate, and take action on new ideas. Before Ideawake, we collected and managed ideas via email threads. Now, our employees are able to quickly submit ideas on Ideawake via their phone or computer, and our process is much more transparent because employees can easily track the progress of their ideas as they are evaluated and implemented. Getting started was easy and Ideawake’s expertise has helped us improve our programs overall effectiveness and is responsive to our changing needs.”

how it works

Do You Want a Tool to Collect Ideas, or a System to Create Impact?

Instead of simply providing you a tool to collect and manage ideas, Ideawake offers an end-to-end system that transforms employees into innovators and their ideas into financial impact.

Crowdsource, Collaborate, and Surface Ideas


Capture targeted ideas from a team or your entire organization using challenges. Surface and rank ideas with different types of voting, and incentivize participation with our gamification system.

Control Participation
Real Time Collaboration
Automatically Surface Ideas

Evaluate, Select, and Award Winning Solutions


Our idea management and evaluation tools help decision makers filter signal from noise to get to a desired solution more effectively. After reviewing and picking the best solutions, award winning entries with cash or non-monetary prizes.

Assign Review Groups
Create Custom Scorecards
Compare Idea ROI
Customizable Prize Types

Packaged Accelerator Programs to Validate, Prototype, and Pilot Selected Ideas


Our 4, 8, and 12 week innovation box programs combine step-by-step curriculum, support materials, real world examples, and optional facilitation by Ideawake’s team to take employees and their ideas from concept to pilot.

Step-by-Step Curriculum
Customized Program Options
Program Facilitation
Access to Prototyping Partners

Accelerator Program Output Options

Limit employee involvement to developing a business case or let them drive the entire process from initial validation all the way to a delivered pilot.

  • level one
  • validate

  • Silver Accelerator Program

    Build a Business Case

  • level two
  • Prototype

  • Gold Accelerator Program

    Test Concept Demand

  • level three
  • Pilot

  • Black Accelerator Program

    Test Concept Delivery

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