Covid 19 Innovation Rapid Response Plan

Fast Deployment, Discounted Pricing, Full Support

Launch an Idea Challenge with Employees in the Next 14 Days.

Our COVID-19 Rapid Response Plan is designed to quickly enable your organization to innovate together, even when you’re apart.

Ideawake’s COVID-19 Rapid Response Plan

Rapidly Solve Problems, Discover Real time Solutions, and Adapt to a Dynamic Economic Environment.

Full Strategic and Launch

  • Reach 60% to 80% engagement with measurable financial impact.

Ready to Launch Innovation

  • An easy to use, pre-configured platform that supports idea collection to measured results.

Discounted Pricing for Accelerated Procurement

  • Only $4,000 for an 8-week license and waived implementation fees.

Crowdsource, evaluate, and implement the top 5% of ideas that will drive 95% of new business results

Ideate and Collaborate

Collect ideas around targeted topics from your team or entire organization. Rank ideas and collaborate in real time.

Evaluate and Refine

Use employees knowledge to automatically surface the best ideas and collect information needed to assess ROI.

Implement and Measure

Decision makers can easily review business cases, further rank ideas and assign teams to make them happen.

How Customers Are Using Ideawake to Foster Employee Collaboration to Address the New Challenges of COVID19

  • Rapidly identify, route, and resolve problems
  • Capture, evaluate, prioritize, and track the ROI of ideas and concepts in your innovation pipeline.

  • Brainstorm ways to improve productivity in a remote work environment
  • Empower employees closest to a process to identify, prioritize, and forecast ROI on waste and inefficiencies.

  • Engage a Remote Workforce While making them feel empowered
  • Engage customers or vendors at scale to come up with new and fresh ideas to improve experience.

  • Invent new ways to deliver value to customers digitally
  • Manage idea collection, collaboration, team pitches, and judging all in one place to streamline your next hackathon or shark tank.

  • Uncover ways to reduce delays and optimize your supply chain
  • Provide employee recognition and show how employee ideas contribute to organizational goals.

  • Brainstorm how to modify product offerings to cater to the COVID-19 environment
  • Capture, surface, and notify relevant departments about market insights trends relevant to them.

Powering Innovation in 39 Countries and Over 185 Cities

Ideawake is trusted by 100 employee startups to leading Fortune 500 companies to enable a culture of innovation, drive financial results, and increase employee engagement at scale.

Launch an Idea Challenge with Employees in the Next 7 Days.

Enabling your organization to innovate together, even when you’re apart.