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7 Steps to Plan and Run a Successful Online Employee Innovation Challenge

As a result of COVID-19, organizations have had to adapt overnight to how their teams collaborate while slightly modifying to completely reinventing how their products and services are delivered. To adapt to this change more quickly, many companies have turned to digital ideation challenges to engage employees and their ideas to discover new ways to drive growth, increase efficiency, and better meet rapidly changing customer needs.

During this session, Coby covered actionable steps you can copy and paste to effectively plan, promote, and run a digital ideation challenge with your employees that will result in a high engagement rate and produce measurable financial impact.


• How to create challenge statements to ensure the ideas being collected tie to organizational goals and strategy

• How to promote and communicate your challenge in a fully remote environment to get 60% – 80% of employees signed up and actively participating

• Best practices and options for incentivizing participation in your challenge

• Common obstacles you’ll encounter planning and running your challenge, and how to address each of them