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Shockingly Simple, Yet Powerful AI Support Chatbot

HelpHive is an AI powered support chatbot that automates 50% of customer support requests to resolve issues faster, boost customer satisfaction, and reduce team workload.

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Help Hive AI


Of the current workforce can be automated with AI by 2030
Reduction in support costs after integrating AI into customer support
Increase in employee productivity when using AI in their work
Of customers say chatbots improve their overall experience


Provide Personalized, Real-Time Support at Your Customer's Convenience



How You Can Use HelpHive's AI to Supercharge Your Operations

Use HelpHive externally to automate customer support or internally to supercharge employee productivity. Schedule your 30 minute demo today

HelpHive for Customer Support

Automate 50% of customer support requests and transform your customer experience from a ticketing system to real-time access and support.

HelpHive for Internal Operations

Democratize access to your organization's knowledge in a single location to break down silos and avoid knowledge deserts with one centralized source of truth.

Upload Support Articles, Knowledgebase, or Insights and Train Your AI

Upload the content you'd like to train to HelpHive's dashboard or sync your existing knowledgebase. Schedule your 30 minute demo today.

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Provide Personalized, Real-Time Support at Your Customers Convenience

HelpHive's AI enables your employees and customers to resolve issues faster, boosting customer satisfaction and reducing team workload. Schedule your 30 minute demo today

Track Insights and Analytics and Improve Over Time

Get insights on which articles are being viewed most and get suggestions for improvement. Schedule your 30 minute demo today

Insights and Analytics

Maintain Ownership of Your Data

Your data remains yours and will not be used in the training of any public AI models like ChatGPT.

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Schedule Your 30 Minute Demo Today

Schedule your demo today to learn how HelpHive can help save you money and your employee's time.

  • Easy to setup and configure
  • Customizable to your needs and requirements
  • Handles complex technical support with ease
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