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6 Necessary Steps to build an Innovation Program that Works


Secure funding for new projects and human resources to create programs that both improves culture and the bottom-line within your organization.                      

Trae Tessmann|
September 11, 2018

Whether starting from scratch or just looking to improve your current innovation program, these are the pieces you need to build a program that improves your culture and bottom-line.

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Best Promotional Strategies to Maximize Employee Engagement with an Idea Management Platform

business people group on meeting

Ideawake sees high engagement rates consistently by combining strategies with expert assistance from our team in building a plan for your business.                  

Carroll Elger|
September 5, 2018
If you’ve launched an Idea Management program in your company, you’re on the cusp of using a powerful business tool to dramatically increase innovation within your firm. An Idea Management program is the ideal way to tap into the power of your most valuable asset, your employees.   However, if employees aren’t engaging with your Idea Management program, you likely won’t maximize your potential returns. Continue reading

4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Build Your Own Idea Management Software

to build or not to build

Ideawake has features to help track the innovation pipeline and assign ownership to ideas, which ultimately optimizes the process from start-to-finish.              

Anna Talamo|
August 2, 2018

There are a lot of factors primary decision-makers need to consider when it comes to implementing idea management software: buy it, build it or don’t even bother with it (hint: that’s a bad idea.)

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