Internal Incubators & Labs


Build an Intrapreneurship Movement Inside Your Company

Empower employees with a self-driven process that teaches them the skills they need to rapidly test and validate their own ideas based on the voice of your customer.

Foster Innovation Culture

Empower employees to think differently and show how their ideas contribute to goals.

Teach Employees Experimentation

Follow best practice curriculum to de-risk new opportunities and better prioritize them.

Enable a Customer First Mindset

Teach employees how to think customer first and take those learnings back to their everyday role.

“Nothing will propel a company further than a culture of innovation: An atmosphere that inspires employees, every hour they're at work, to seek out innovative opportunities.”



Combining Step-By-Step Curriculum and Real World Examples to Take Ideas from concept to Pilot

Teach Employees How to Validate Their Ideas Step by Step

Our step-by-step curriculum guides employees through an easy to understand process with examples to guide them from a concept through pilot.

  • Best practice curriculum that's approachable for beginners
  • Learning modules designed like TurboTax for ease of use
  • Gamification using levels to incentivize participation
Ideabox Levels
Business Model Canvas

Track Progress Using The Business Model Canvas

Guide shortlisted ideas through a step-by-step process to collect the information you need to evaluate its potential.

  • Sections can be automatically populated as teams complete learning modules
  • Automatically link experiments and assumptions to each section of the canvas
  • Customize sections based on your needs

Use Assumptions and Experiments to Validate Your Business Model Canvas

Track the assumptions behind each idea your testing in one place and use experiments to validate or disprove each assumption.

  • Assumptions can be automatically created to help get teams started
  • Link assumptions and experiments directly to your business model canvas to track progress
  • Automatically update your canvas as you complete experiments that validate or disprove an assumption
Assumptions and Experiments


Designed to Save Time and Maximize Impact

Workflows and Stages

Customize the steps ideas go through from collection to implementation.

Real Time Team Workspace

Provide a space for teams to share files, build out solutions and collaborate in real time.

Annoucements and Notifications

Automatically notify submitters and relevant stakeholders on updates and progress. 

Collaborative Judging

Create scorecards with custom criteria and automatically assign judges to evaluate submissions.

Gamification and Prizes

Incentivize participation with gamification, a leaderboard, and prizes for participation.

Participation and Activity Analytics

Compare ideas based on value, cost, and time to implement making resource allocation decisions easier. 

“Ideawake's Program was a great way to introduce how to take an idea and validate it, whether it will meet the needs of a target market or not. Testing assumptions and validating them required a different kind of work effort than many employees had done in their day-to-day jobs.”

Darcy Lorenzon

Darcy Lorenzon

VP of Strategy at ProHealth Care

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