85% of the largest US companies use digital systems for innovation management. Here’s why.

Innovation Management

Expanding opportunities for involvement in innovation and improvement, give participants a chance to develop their ideas and play a larger role.                     

Trae Tessmann|
February 22, 2017

Innovation management has long been locked in the boardroom, but new perspectives are now in hot demand.

Effective innovation management thrives on a fresh and diverse stream of ideas and feedback. Unfortunately for many companies large and small, the collection, organization, and prioritization of all that creativity can be a struggle.

Enter digital innovation management systems.

With the growth of a little thing called the internet, those struggles can be solved by digital, online systems (and companies are taking notice). Innovation management systems (while varying in feature-sets) offer a variety of benefits for everyone from R&D to HR. If your company is ready to innovate, they’re the engine for your improvement efforts.

Here are just a few of the reasons why forward-thinking companies are managing their innovation digitally –

Ease of access 

Innovation management systems bring the pursuit of innovation out of the R&D department and introduce it to the entire organization. Accessible online or through an intranet, everyone can participate, share their ideas, and play a role in the improvement process.

More Ideas  

Engaging larger groups means more ideas coming in. Instead of new ideas just coming from R&D or management, you’re gaining perspective from sales, production, support, and more. Everyone can share their opinions and ideas based on their unique experiences and insights.

Faster Development  

With more ideas coming in, it might seem like the review and development process would get bogged down. On the contrary, innovation software streamline the collection, review, and implementation process. You’re getting more ideas, reviewing them faster, and building case-studies rapidly.

Actionable Transparency  

As many as 71% of employees say that their companies don’t communicate goals as well as they could. Managing innovation in the cloud gives management the opportunity (and responsibility) to keep everyone aware and up to date on the problems, goals, and opportunities the company is pursuing, both short- and long-term.

Effective Communication 

Suggestion boxes, Excel documents, and word-of-mouth don’t cut it today. Digital innovation management systems make it possible for anyone to share their idea, and help to ensure that the best ideas can reach management before it’s too late.

Constant Collaboration  

It isn’t always possible to hold departmental brainstorming sessions, and even harder to hold them company-wide. But employees still want to collaborate. Digital systems create a virtual brainstorming environment where ideas are constantly exchanged, critiqued, and evaluated without anyone having to leave their desk.

Deeper Engagement  

We’ve got a global employee engagement crisis. Everyone wants their ideas heard, and when they don’t feel like they can make a difference, they lose interest in their work. Expanding opportunities for involvement in company-wide initiatives like innovation and improvement give participants a chance to play a larger role, develop their ideas, and advance their careers with a game-changing idea.

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