Ideawake - Idea and Innovation Management Software

Transform More Ideas into Impact Faster

An easy to use, highly configurable idea management platform that makes it easy to capture, evaluate, and take action on ideas from those who know the most about your organization.

  • $1,000,000 Average Six Month Financial Impact
  • 60% - 80% Average Participation Rate
  • 10% Increase in Average Engagement Scores
Ideate and Collaborate


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Idea Management Software that Adds Millions to Your Bottom Line

Tap into the wisdom of your workforce to discover the 5% of ideas that will drive 95% of new business results.

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Ideate & Collaborate

Collect targeted ideas from your team or entire organization and facilitate collaboration in real-time. Get Started Today

  • Launch targeted innovation challenges
  • Vote, comment, and share ideas
  • Gamification to incentivize participation
Ideate and Collaborate
Evaluate and Refine

Evaluate & Refine

Use employees knowledge to automatically surface the best ideas and collect data needed to assess ROI. Learn More About Ideawake's Features

  • Evaluate ideas using custom scorecards
  • Assign submissions for review
  • Collect key data for idea testing

Prioritize & Implement

Decision makers can easily review business cases, further rank ideas and assign teams to make them happen. Get Started Today

  • Easily rank and sort to surface the best ideas
  • Assign teams for prototyping & testing
  • Track Impact and Outcomes
Prioritize and Implement

"Ideawake has been incredibly easy to use. Our first innovation challenge exceeded our goals."

Sara Jane Vomhoff

Sara Jane Vomhof

Six Sigma Black Belt at Quest Diagnostics

Customize Ideawake to Fit

Your Use Case

Suggestion Programs

Easily capture, prioritize, and track ideas from front-line employees.

Innovation Challenges

Ideate around specific topics related to organizational goals.

Continuous Improvement

Enable employees to reduce costs and improve processes daily.

Open Innovation

Engage customers and the public to improve products and services.


Build teams, hack with team members, and pitch solutions to judges.

Shark Tanks

Collaboratively build proposals and pitch to leaders for funding.

Internal Incubators

Teach employees to test and validate ideas based on voice of customer.

Portfolio Management

Track investments and make better investment decisions.

Start Enabling a Culture of Innovation Today

Tap into the wisdom of your workforce to discover the 5% of ideas that will drive 95% of new business results.