The Top 3 Innovation Conferences to Attend in the Midwest in 2020

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There's a wealth of knowledge in your backyard. If you're located in the Midwest, you'll want to attend at least one of these innovation events.                     

Carter Liebscher|
February 13, 2020

As all industries become increasingly diverse and up against emerging startups and technologies, there’s a greater need to convene with like-minded organizations to share knowledge and experiences.

Considering that we’re devoted to helping our partners unlock their innovative potential, we’re invested in learning how others are also doing it well.

We’ve compiled the top three innovation conferences centered around the midwest in 2020. Regardless of your industry—legal, insurance, or health care—these are events you’ll want to attend.

The Quirk’s Event is a two-day traveling conferenced aimed at market research and consumer insight professionals.

Speakers will touch on relevant, up-to-date findings with a basis in real-world case studies. With workshops and networking opportunities—and the fact that 97% of 2019 attendees would recommend attending to a colleague—you’ll want to make room in your schedule.

This year’s Chicago dates are March 6th-7th.

Spearheaded by the Economist, the Innovation Summit is an annual conference where business, social, and political leaders speak on the year’s most important innovations—and most pressing social issues.

This year’s Chicago conference, which will take place on March 5th, will touch on how current social and political forces will shape the future of business. Speakers include Andrew Moore, head of AI at Google Cloud; Poppy Crum, chief scientist at Dolby Laboratories and adjunct professor at Stanford University ; and Mayor of Chicago Lori E. Lightfoot.

The CCB TechShowcase is one of Wisconsin’s largest and most revered tech conferences, showing IT leaders the latest products and business solutions.

This year’s featured keynote speakers are award-winning entrepreneur Josh Linkner, who’s been the founder and CEO of five different tech companies, Barry Alvarez, University of Wisconsin athletic director.

Make the trip to Milwaukee on May 13th to gain knowledge and build connections in the changing world of business technology.

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