Why you should invest in Innovation in 2018

Innovation in 2018

Markets, customers, products, costs, & opportunities are coming and going faster than ever, and a lack of focus on innovation has never been riskier.                

Trae Tessmann|
February 1, 2018

With a new year upon us, are you doing all you can to promote innovation in 2018?


Every year, management lays out a strategic plan, organizational goals, and new projects to achieve in the next 365 days.


Likely among those goals? Be more innovative. Still, people get settled, goals get shuffled away, and things shift back to the norm. But with trends and markets moving faster than ever, this is the year you need to start taking innovation seriously.


Here’s why you should invest in innovation in 2018.



Actionable Insights (click to learn more)

– While big data and analytics are getting more and more of the spotlight, qualitative insights and feedback from your employees should also serve as a pillar in your innovation program. Their front-line experiences can’t be matched when it comes to your offerings and operations.



Efficiency and Improvement Projects (click to learn more)

– Innovation for many is purely an effort at improving your bottom-line through cost-savings and revenue-boosting initiatives and improvements to your operations and product or service offerings. Continuous-improvement initiatives and programs should be just that – continuous.



Employee Engagement (click to learn more)

– Employees want their voices heard. Whether through an innovation management software or a normal suggestion box, innovation initiatives are a great time to involve them in the goals you’re setting, encourage them to share their thoughts, and help them develop both their ideas and professional lives.



Disruption (click to learn more)

– Markets, customers, products, costs, and opportunities are coming and going faster than ever, and a lack of focus on innovation in 2018 has never been riskier. Don’t let your current (or new) competitors disrupt your offering. Keep your eyes on current trends, but don’t forget to “predict” the future too.



Looking to improve innovation in 2018? Start by managing your ideas and projects more effectively.

Continuous Improvement Plan

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