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How Much Are You Losing by Not Collecting Employee Ideas?

Reduce your costs.

57% percent of employees have ideas to save their company time or money.

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Increase engagement.

90% of employees said if their employers did a better job hearing their ideas, it would increase engagement.

Accelerate growth.

Amazon Prime, Gmail, and Post-its were all employee ideas. What game-changing ideas might your employees have?

Ideawake | WI Special Offer

“An organization should have effective idea generation and development processes to create new offerings, both by generating a broad and diverse set of ideas and by converting these ideas into profitable business concepts.”


Software to Facilitate Ideation and Maximize Engagement

Collect employee ideas with ease.

  • Automate the collection of high-impact ideas from your team or entire organization.
  • Facilitate engagement in real-time with idea voting, commenting, and sharing.
  • Gamify the process to achieve average participation rates of 60-80%.
Ideate and Collaborate
Evaluate and Refine

Save hours with built-in evaluations & workflows.

  • Say goodbye to endless rows of excel data by using custom scorecards.
  • Assign ideas to a decision maker and hold them accountable.
  • Collect key data needed to assess ROI.

Get more ideas to implementation.

  • Easily rank and sort to surface your organization's best ideas.
  • Assign teams for prototyping and testing.
  • Track your program's ROI and reward key players.
Prioritize and Implement

Wisconsin Success Stories


Mercury Engages 500+ Team Members to Generate New Patents

Ideawake | WI Special Offer

ExamOne Identifies $1,400,000 in 6 Month Savings


Advocate Aurora Transforms Culture and Doubles Engagement

To support fellow Wisconsin companies, Ideawake is offering discounted licenses to the first 100 Wisconsin organizations that take the pledge to empower their employees with a voice.

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Ideawake | WI Special Offer