3 User-Friendly Ideawake Features That Boost Employee Engagement

Ideawake digital platform

When you invest in an innovation platform, you want to ensure that your employees will engage with it. Here's how our platform incentivizes engagement.              

Carter Liebscher|
April 17, 2020

Employee engagement permanently lives at the forefront of management’s mind—especially how difficult it is to attain and retain it.

Remote work is proving to be difficult across industries, even those who before believed their WFH policies were solid.

One particular difficulty we’ve seen from our clients is not just engaging employees, but doing so efficiently and effectively across now entirely virtual workplaces.

At Ideawake, we strive to help organizations improve and accelerate employee engagement on both sides: For, of course, employees wanting to feel included in large-scale organizational changes, as well as for those initiating those changes.

Today, we’ll focus primarily on employee user experience. We know that user-centric design has a tremendous impact on user engagement. Usability Geek describes how involving users before, during, and after platform design has a long-term impact on engagement:

User-centered design takes into account age, gender, social status, education and professional background, influential factors, product usage expectations and demands and many other important things that may vary for different segments. What is critical for some may be irrelevant for others. User-centered design is about deep research on users’ habits, from their interactions with the product to their vision of how the product should look like and behave.

“User-Centered Design: An Introduction,” Ekaterina Novoseltseva, Usability Geek

Similarly, Paul Martens from m-ize describes how design should also be simple for the benefit of users, defining it as keep it simple (KISS) design:

Enable users to complete tasks faster, with minimal effort by providing common-sense navigation, step-by-step processes and an easy to comprehend layout. Keeping the interface consistent and familiar across all platforms avoids user frustration, enhancing usability.

“Best Practices in UX/UI Design,” Paul Martens, m-ize

Here are five features of our idea management platform that engage employees with a significant impact on ROI.

Mobile, Tablet, and Desktop Friendly

Users can access our platform anywhere on any device: their smart phone, tablet, desktop or laptop.

Anonymous Posting

Cultures are different across industries, companies, and geographies. Even as overwhelmingly organizations agree that open collaboration and idea sharing is important, some employees and company leaders might feel less comfortable sharing their ideas.

As users formulate a title and description of your idea, they may toggle the “Post Anonymously” before posting. No matter who idea is from, company leaders can put the idea into action if it fits the challenge they’re addressing.

Incentivized Participation

Gamification is the application of gaming elements in a non-gaming context to encourage engagement and loyalty. Our platform incentivizes user engagement through a point system, displaying power users on a scoreboard.

For a closer look at these features in action, book a free demo with our Innovation Team today!

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