5 Features on Ideawake That Help Moderators Save Time


Idea management doesn't have to be time-consuming. Here are 5 of Ideawake's features that will save your organization time.                                          

Carter Liebscher|
January 27, 2020

At Ideawake, we believe that your organization’s toughest problems can be solved by those who know it best: your employees, customers, and suppliers. 

However, not all companies have an easy, refined method to collect and act on suggested solutions. Suggestion boxes don’t provide enough incentive for people to participate, and email chains can get confusing fast.

Not only that, but both (and other less mature crowdsourcing mechanisms) take up everyone’s time with tedious tasks rather than the important ones, such as implementing ideas via a well-defined process.

Ideawake’s idea management software creates a user-friendly experience that provides more insight to corporate decision-makers in less time. Here are five features that will help your organization save time.

Step-by-Step Launch checklist 

Want to engage 60% – 80% of your workforce when your community goes live? Our launch checklist includes all of the resources you need for successfully planning, promoting, and launching your innovation program. The launch checklist walks you step by step through how to promote, incentivize, and pilot ideas within your program. 

Among those resources are both on- and offline promotional materials, templates that build awareness for your organization’s innovation program that are cohesive and understandable. While our team will assign an innovation specialist to assist your program, we want to empower those within your organization with their own innovative skills.

Smart tagging

Automatically send ideas to relevant decision makers and subject matter experts (SMEs) based on the tags users enter when posting their idea. Ideas can be sent immediately after they are posted to these stakeholders, or they can be sent to them after they have received a certain level of support or reach a specific stage in your workflow. 

Duplicate idea detection

While smart tagging lightens the workload for community moderators, you might wonder how much work they might have to put into poring over ideas that duplicates or related to each other.

As a user is composing their idea, the system performs a percentage text match. Dialogue boxes appear to the left of the idea composition box, encouraging users to interact with existing ideas rather than sharing one with redundant content.

Bulk updates

When moderators want to update multiple ideas within their community, they don’t have to go through each one individually: Instead, use bulk updates to update multiple idea stages, categories, and send targeted notifications to relevant users. 


Ideawake’s workflows and stages come built in with automation, which allows you to automatically change the stage of ideas once they meet certain criteria such as a minimum number of votes, score, or completion percentage. 

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If you’re interested in saving time while saving money, as ExamOne did with $1.4 million in 6 months, book a free demo with us today!

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