Innovative Collaboration Unveiled: Healthcare Company Joins Forces with Ideawake to Spearhead Revolutionary Advances in Healthcare Innovation

Hanna Paul|
January 5, 2024

Who is Edge?

Edge began inside of Gundersen Health System as the catalyst for transformation; investing in pioneering startups and gathering transformative concepts from employees and community members, building ideas into healthcare breakthroughs that benefit us all.

Now, as of December 2022, Gundersen Health and Bellin Health merged. Edge is excited to target the unified Bellin and Gundersen Health System strategic plan. This plan is targeted at the delivery of superior primary and specialized care in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, and Upper Michigan. The unified plan of delivering world-class medical care that strengthens patient and community health is the perfect underpinning for Edge’s success.

Why is innovation important to Edge?

Edge believes we’re at the cusp of true, systemic change in healthcare. Together we can cross that threshold.

By nurturing ideas and harnessing the power of outside disruptors, we can lower the cost of healthcare, improve it, and steer its future. We can create new jobs, attract talent, and keep local entrepreneurs right here in the Midwest. As an innovator deeply rooted in the community, Edge is poised to make a resounding global impact that will shape the course of healthcare for generations to come.

Why did Edge select Ideawake to power its innovation program?

Ideawake is specifically designed to foster a culture of innovation inside of organizations, which is what makes them a great partner for Edge. They provide a set of tools combined with a strategic and technical support framework that closely aligns with Edge’s needs, more specifically – 

  1. Ideawake provides a high degree of customization through features like workflows which allows Edge to match the Ideawake platform to its internal processes.
  2. The platform has the ability to launch targeted challenges with specific topics which ensures clear communication with staff, so they know what to expect when they share an idea and what will happen with it.
  3. Promoting collaboration is at the core of Ideawake – the ability to comment on ideas, upvote favorites, and sharing of similar ideas. These all enable Edge’s greatest strength – the ideas and collective input of frontline staff. 
  4. Ideawake has a highly responsive team and a great training program that’s been invaluable as Edge has integrated the platform into its offering. 

What do you want to achieve using Ideawake?

Edge plans to use Ideawake to drive Bellin and Gundersen Health innovation success. Sourcing venture investments, sourcing ideas for new businesses that can be scaled nationally, and leveraging Ideawake’s unique toolset to connect back into the organization in support of organization strategy.

Why is engaging and giving employees a voice important to Edge?

Edge believes that fostering engagement with the employee voice has the power to steer the trajectory of healthcare’s future. There is a synergy, both empowering employees and propelling the organization forward leveraging the valuable insights derived from user behavior. A unique opportunity becomes possible with the exchange, to drive a single, commonly-understood, shared vision.

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