Watch Webinar: Why You Need Frontline Innovation, Even in Crisis

Watch Webinar: Why You Need Frontline Innovation, Even in Crisis

Learn how your frontline employees can boost your organization's innovation goals, even amid crisis.                                                                 

Carter Liebscher|
July 30, 2020

Last Friday, Ideawake CEO Coby Skonord spoke with innovation expert Mike Rodgers, VP of Business Development at EmOpti, on the importance of frontline innovation—even amid a crisis like COVID-19.

Here are some of the webinar’s key takeaways, along with key quotes from guest Mike Rodgers. Watch the full webinar below!

Rapid adoption of new tech enacts cultural change

When an organization adopts new tech—tech that’s intended to help you reach your pre-defined innovation goals—you’re making it clear to your employees that you’re taking the steps to enact a large-scale organizational change.

Considering that one of the biggest obstacles innovation leaders face when planning an innovation strategy is fostering a Culture of Innovation, investing in innovation (and innovative) tech can reorient your employees to focus on change.

“It’s the cultural change that you need[,] … to take some risks, move things forward, and see what works and doesn’t quickly.”

Recognize influential employees to promote your program

After adopting the tech you need to drive innovation in your organization, leadership should recognize employees with the most influence in order to continue growing a Culture of Innovation.

Influence can be a tough thing to quantify, especially within a single department without a hierarchy. Looking to employees who have been around the longest or asking those within a department who they look up to can be pivotal when promoting your innovation program—and innovative thought in general.

“We knew quite a few of the individuals on the leadership team … [who] knew who to go talk to and who would be the most influential. Who’s been there the longest? Who has had the most input or influence?

Innovation is a journey, not a destination

Reaching your innovation goals isn’t a one-and-done practice. It’s a constant practice that spurs some to speak out, others to think, and all to engage. Your goals—whether you’re looking to save more or try get an edge over your competitors—can still be met by tweaking your decision-making processes.

“There’s a ripple effect … The person that didn’t engage that had a great idea that now saw somebody’s idea being put in place and built out … will engage and bring their idea forward—that could be the one that makes hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

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