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Tips to accelerate innovation and empower employees to think differently at scale in your organization.

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Our team of innovation experts has put together best practices from launches to help you avoid common mistakes and increase innovation ROI.

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Learn 11 reasons online challenges and company-wide collaboration are changing research and development for the better.

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If you can’t answer these 12 questions, your company’s innovation program will not reach its full potential.

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Innovation doesn’t have to be complicated, download this free roadmap for 15 steps to get your innovation efforts on the right track.

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Learn how companies are delivering strong innovation ROI by collecting, prioritizing, and implementing actionable ideas more easily than ever.

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Learn 5 ways crowdsourcing is changing the way businesses innovate and how you can take advantage of this emerging trend.

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Learn how to overcome the challenges faced by innovation leaders and tips to expand and improve your company’s innovation program.

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Plan and Implement an innovation workshop that provides an opportunity to engage your staff and a real return on their ideas.

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Learn how we helped ExamOne reduce operational expenses by over 2% in 6 months.

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Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows

Increasing employee engagement by 74% in 6 months according to McKinseys Organizational Health Index.

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Calculate Ideawake's value from time savings, increased engagement, and more implemented ideas.

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mike rodgers webinar

Innovation expert Mike Rodgers joins us for a discussion on why crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic can create market opportunities and how frontline innovation can help you capture that value.

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Advocate Aurora Health

Engaging over 3,000 front-line staff to reduce patient anxiety before, during, and after care takes place.

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Discover 10 benefits that idea management software can deliver to your organization in 2021.

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Does buying a dedicated solution make sense, or would it be better to build it ourselves? Use our build vs. buy calculator to find out.

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Disruption is one of the biggest challenges currently facing the health care industry. We've created this guide to better explain what disruption in the health care industry looks like and how to utilize innovation to beat it before competitors.

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Enabling a Culture of Innovation in Healthcare

Learn seven strategies leading Health Care organizations are using to drive innovation, the tips you need, and actionable steps you can take to get a new innovation program up and running in your Health Care organization.

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ProHealth Care

Learn how front-line innovation helped ProHealth transform their care model and patient experience.

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Building a Culture of Employee Innovation at Sargento

Enabling employees to create, test, and pilot new products based on customer-driven validation.

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Kennedys launches worldwide Ideas Lab to invent products to deliver modern legal services to clients.

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How to plan and run an online employee idea challenge successfully

Actionable steps you can copy and paste to effectively plan, promote, and run a digital ideation challenge with your employees that will result in a high engagement rate and produce measurable impact.

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Using Crowdsourcing to Innovate Inside and Outsie your organization

Ideawake CEO Coby Skonord and HeroX CEO Christian Cotichini talk about the benefits of internal and open innovation, especially when used in tangent.

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We ran the world's biggest survey in 2021 on employee ideas and whether companies listen to them, and the results were shocking.

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Project the Return on Investment you could achieve by investing in an employee ideation program. We base your results by taking the average of the innovation programs we're powering in over 39 countries and 185 cities.

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Easily compare between idea management software and 5 alternatives like Teams, SharePoint, and Slack to help you determine which is best for your organization and use case.

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Empowering Women Intrapreneurs in Health Care

A discussion on ways to empower women intrapreneurs in health care.

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How Sanford Health Ran a Continuous Improvement event successfully

Learn how Sanford Health digitized their annual continuous improvement symposiums in a year where digital work became the norm, implementing employees' innovative ideas and saving hours of time in the process.

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How to launch an employee ideation program in 5 steps

Learn best practices from programs we run in 39 countries and 185 cities on quickly launching a successful employee ideation program at your organization to stay ahead of the competition and increase employee engagement in 2021.

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3 Monumental Mistakes Most Organizations Make with Bottom-Up Innovation

Successfully launching, scaling, and maintaining a bottom-up innovation program is hard, but it doesn’t have to be. Avoid the 3 biggest mistakes organizations make with bottom-up innovation.

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3 Health Systems Transforming Patient Care

Three leading healthcare providers discuss how they transformed patient care by implementing a bottom-up innovation strategy.

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Engaging over 100,000 front-line employees to discover, prioritize, and prototype innovative ideas to make the world a safer place.


7 Steps to Plan and Run a Successful Online Employee Innovation Challenge

As a result of COVID-19, organizations have had to adapt overnight to how their teams collaborate while slightly modifying to completely reinventing how their products and services are delivered. To adapt to this change more quickly, many companies have turned to digital ideation challenges to engage employees and their ideas to discover new ways to drive growth, increase efficiency, and better meet rapidly changing customer needs. During this session, Coby covered actionable steps you can copy and paste to effectively plan, promote, and run a digital ideation challenge with your employees that will result in a high engagement rate and produce measurable financial impact.

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Regione Toscana team

How a Health Authority Optimized Care, Impacting 3.7 Million Lives


Mercury case study

Mercury Marine engaged over 500 team members in engineering to openly ideate on a new product platform.



Pharmacy Chain Uses Empowerment of Middle Management and Prize Awarding to Collect 131 Ideas


OSF Intern


Giving Back Time to Nurses Amidst Workforce Challenges


How to Save Millions with an Employee Ideas Sprint

Learn Why Companies Like Google are Crowdsourcing Productivity Ideas from 174,000 Employees Although cutting back on innovation and employee ideas are the last things an organization should do in times of economic uncertainty, it's often one of the first areas to get cut. Learn why companies like Google and Costco are increasing their focus on the ideas of frontline team members to identify millions in savings that can be quickly quantified to keep your program and job role a top priority in your organization over the next 12 - 18 months. Topics -5 examples of companies large and small crowdsourcing employee ideas to save millions while increasing efficiency -3 reasons it's critical to engage your staff and make them feel like they have a voice during times of uncertainty and layoffs -How to effectively measure impact on your program and communicate progress to leadership and frontline team members -A step-by-step playbook that you can use after the call to quickly put what you learn during our time together into action

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5 Best Practices for Getting the Most Out of Innovation Challenges

5 Best Practices for Getting the Most Out of Innovation Challenges


Building the Business Case for Innovation Challenges, Hackathons, and Shark Tanks

Passionate about running innovation or improvement events at your organization but having trouble getting the buy-in from leadership? Whether it's due to priorities, the economy, or a lack of funding or resources, there will always be a reason not to say no. Learn how to present the true ROI of running these events and how to effectively pitch them to leadership to get your program off the ground in 2023.

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Empowering Employees with the Tools, Training, and Resources Needed to Test and Validate Their Ideas.

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Tapping Into the Wisdom of Frontline Team Members at Scale While Managing the Entire Innovation Lifecycle from One Platform

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Tapping Into the Wisdom of Frontline Team Members to Create New Solutions and Deliver Value More Efficiently

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Transforming Culture and Streamlining Operations at Paul Bunyan Communications

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